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2007-2008 Season
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Ed Bernardo
Richard Webber
  Dave Reed and Wife Mary
Kevin Clark - Crew Chief
Ed Bernardo - Car Chief
Richard Webber- Tires and Stats
Dave Reed - Spotter

Kevin has been involved with racing for many years. He’s been a championship winning crew chief for the NASCAR weekly series at old Cajon Speedway. Also he’s performed various roles in all the different NASCAR touring series throughout his racing career. Kevin is very experienced and well rounded when it comes to chassis setup and understanding what it takes to make a winning race car and team. He’s a great leader and a huge asset to not only Esau Racing but to anyone seeking his advice.

  Ed has worked in NHRA drag racing series before coming to NASCAR race events. Ed is a talented mechanic and is the go to guy when anything needs to get done to the race car. Whether it’s mechanical work, body or tires…..Ed can do it all. He’s coined as the “MacGyver” of the team, especially when a fix is needed and the proper part isn’t available. Ed has also helped out as a sponsor from his own home remodeling company.   When he can make it to a race out of his busy family schedule, he prepares all the tires for the event. When tires are set up for the racing needs then he performs what ever general maintenance which is still needed to prep the race car.   One of the best guys involved with racing. His involvement in racing includes being a championship owner in the NASCAR southwest touring series. He’s a very successful and hard working guy. Very helpful to Esau Racing with not only his keen spotter duties but also as a sponsor from the company in which he is the CEO, Approved Memory Corporation.

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Jimmy Gamboa – Mechanic
By trade, Jimmy is an ASE certified mechanic in San Diego. He’s able to do all the major mechanical/ electrical functions necessary to ready the race car during the event. Plus he’s a former street stock driver and knows what needs to get done. He also helps with all the other necessary preparation to get the race car completely ready for on track competition. Jimmy is a fun to be around type of guy which makes the race event all that much more entertaining.

Wade Treadwell – General Mechanic/ Assistant

Dale Durbin – General Mechanic